Blue Moon Phase Match Bottle: 50 count


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Level up your moon phase ritual magic with this hand-painted match bottle!  Purchase includes the hand painted bottle with cork top, 50 white matches, a striker, and a striker replacement to ensure the longevity of this decorative and practical piece. This match bottle is 2.75" tall, 1.18" in diameter, and is 30ml in volume. Matches are 1.85" long.

This item pairs beautifully with the Blue Moon Phase Tumbler Candle or Votive!

Additional match and striker replacements will be available soon for purchase, or you can repurpose your bottle for a spell jar, plant propagater, or moon water charger.

Paint is cured to a permanent and scratch-resistant finish and can be hand washed. 

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Paint is non-toxic and is cured to a permanent and scratch-resistant finish. Hand wash only for best care. 


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